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Focused development to fit unique needs

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The Carolinas Credit Union League is committed to inspiring, connecting, and advancing people in our credit union movement, and many find just what they need in our premier events, roundtables, and workshops. We also understand that effective development of leadership and staff sometimes requires a unique approach.

Timing, specific needs, and demand for resources create challenging situations. The League is ready to help. Existing programs encompass topics from budgeting and compliance to philosophy and volunteer responsibility, and agendas are adjusted to fit. We also can seek to connect multiple credit unions for cooperative benefit and cost-effectiveness.

For more on specialized programs outlined here or other opportunities to support advocacy, compliance, and operational success, contact SVP of Professional Development Lauren DeAngelis at ldeangelis@carolinasleague.org or 800-822-8859, extension 559.


Specialized Training Titles and Topics:

Member Service

  • Teller Training – Learn, discuss, and practice skills for frontline success, focusing on the uniqueness of credit unions and standout member service.

Credit Union Background

  • CU Principles & Philosophy – Provide greater understanding and appreciation of credit union philosophy and its importance in member service.

Credit Union Finance

  • Building a Credit Union Budget for the Fiscal Year – Apply current data, assumptions, and factors to generate a budget that helps gauge financial success and meets regulatory requirements.
  • Preparing for Audit or Examination – Establish a positive tone for an upcoming examination or audit by reviewing requirements, compiling documentation, and ensuring transparency.


  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Training – For staff or directors, this includes review of the credit union’s BSA policy, presentation, knowledge assessment, and completion certificates.
  • Funds Availability (Regulation CC) – Review deposit availability rules and delay guidelines, case-by-case holds, member notice and disclosing requirements, and regulatory exceptions. This includes a funds availability quick reference guide and knowledge assessment.
  • POA Training – Discuss power of attorney (POA) basics, including duties and responsibilities of the credit union, types of power of attorneys, and red flags.
  • Collections – Review collections concepts and terminology, do’s and don’ts, proper collections assignment and timing, and other practices.
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