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To help credit union staff and volunteers connect and cooperate, the Carolinas Credit Union League offers a wide range of networking groups.

Whether you are a CEO at a small credit union looking for best practices, a young professional looking to connect with peers, or a compliance officer writing a policy, there’s something for just about everyone.


The Carolinas Credit Union League's twelve chapters gather credit unions by region for peer networking, collaborative learning and outreach, and united community impact.

Asset Groups

Credit union peer groups allow staff at similarly-sized credit unions to work together, share concerns and enhance the effectiveness of the overall credit union movement. Credit unions are placed in one of three peer groups according to size.

Expertise Groups

Whatever your profession, engaging in career development and peer networking opportunities are great ways to enhance your skills as you move forward in your career. Take advantage of these groups catered to your expertise and enjoy the community forums and peer-to-peer interactions.

You must be a member of the CCUL website to join groups.

For instructions on how to join a group, go to our Site FAQs at

Fig. 1: Community Group Selection PageFig. 2: Example of an "Expertise" group

Group Features

  • Home – The group homepage will be the default tab. A description of the group is at the top. Below that are postings to your group including members of your group who updated profiles recently, events from the event calendar that apply to your section, and news that applies to your group.

  • Upload Photos – Select this option on the right-hand side to upload photos for your section. An example of photos would include pictures from meetings and events.

  • Group Directory – Members that join a group will automatically be added to the group’s  directory. This makes it easier to find peers within the group and for admins to send bulk emails to all group members.

  • Calendar – View events posted by the league and your group administrator

  • Forums – Threaded discussions on topics for members to participate in

  • Photo Gallery – Enjoy a slideshow of the latest activities your group participated in

  • Group Admin – If an admin has been assigned, he or she will be listed on the right-side of the group page. Contact them for anything regarding your group.


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