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Welcome to the Carolinas Credit Union League
Media Room

The Carolinas Credit Union League public relations and communications team is ready to help with credit union story ideas, press visits in each state, interviews with league officials, industry partners, and local experts, and more.

The "Quick Links" on the right offer resources geared toward local and national journalists. For immediate assistance with stories, photography, or league brand materials, please call or email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Carolinas Credit Union League
Public Relations and Communications Team

Brandon Pugh
Vice President, Public Relations and Communications
800-822-8859, ext 410
Domestic media requests in North Carolina and South Carolina, including media kits, story ideas, press releases, press visits and image/video needs


Courtney Jackson
Director of Communications
800-822-8859, ext 076
Web administration, social media management, and domestic media requests in North Carolina, including press releases and image/video needs.


Diana Barahona
Communications Specialist
800-822-8859, ext. 195
Writing, e-communications, social media management, and web administration.

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323 West Jones Street
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Raleigh, NC 27603

800-822-8859 Phone
919-573-0474 Fax


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Columbia, SC 29201

800-822-8859 Phone
803-732-4268 Fax

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