Cooperative Initiatives
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Cooperation among cooperatives represents a founding principle of credit unions, but it’s also good business. As not-for-profit financial institutions, credit unions accomplish more for their member-owners by working together.

By collaborating, sharing information, and finding common ground, credit unions in North Carolina and South Carolina create a ripple effect that spreads throughout the worldwide cooperative movement.



CUaware is a council of the Carolinas Credit Union League created to fill a gap that exists within the credit union industry: staff often do not know what makes credit unions and cooperatives unique and special! CUaware aims to informally introduce all levels of credit union employees to the CU Movement. This way we can all learn.share.grow.

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Principles & Philosophy

Held each year, the Principles & Philosophy Conference is a "deep dive” into the Seven Cooperative Principles, as well as the social purpose of co-ops and credit unions. Attendees leave with a greater understanding of just how special credit unions are, and how the Seven Cooperative Principles are at heart good business practices.

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The Reality of Money

Designed by a group of volunteer Credit Union Development Educators in the Carolinas, the Reality of Money is a FREE interactive financial education simulation designed for students in grades 8 - 12. Students learn, as they participate, about the impact their choices make in their budget and lifestyle, as they are "transformed" into wage earning, bill paying and financially independent young adults.

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