Life Simulation
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The Carolinas Credit Union League is pleased to announce that through a partnership with Carolina Foothills FCU and Coastal FCU, credit unions in North Carolina and South Carolina will have access to the "Life Simulation." This experience is designed and made available by the National Credit Union Foundation.


What It Is

 The Life Simulation experience is designed to help credit union employees, volunteers and leadership begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month. It is unique and special because it combines the financial and emotional distress that 25 simulated families tackle as one of up to 90 participants. This exercise is an ideal staff training program that can also be used as an event break out session, an extended chapter meeting or community educational event.


How It Works

During the three-hour activity, participants are grouped into “families” that are struggling to make ends meet in a simulated month of four fifteen minute weeks. Each participant plays a unique role within the family. Some might be working adults, while others might be unemployed or on disability. Some children may have behavioral issues or be living with a grandparent. With each person playing their role, these simulated families visit a variety of booths, including a school, employer, pawn shop and payday lender. Through the exercise, they encounter events & financial crises faced by many low-income Americans, including eviction, loss of utilities, lack of reliable transportation, crime, and the moment-to-moment stress of making ends meet. At the conclusion of the exercise participants share their experiences and emotions in a powerful debriefing session.


Who Can Benefit

The Life Simulation is appropriate for all credit union staff and volunteers to experience! In particular, front line staff who serve members can benefit, as well as key decision makers in credit unions who set policies and oversee products and services. 


Hosting An Event

The Life Simulation is available free-of-charge to credit unions in South Carolina and North Carolina. Additionally, Jeff Hardin, the director of cooperative initiatives, will be happy to serve as your event facilitator. Credit unions are responsible for volunteer recruitment, providing the appropriate event location & other logistics, and committing to between 40-90 persons to go through the simulation.


More Information/Contact

For more information on the Life Simulation or to schedule an event, please contact Jeff Hardin (800-822-8859, ext. 563).


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