The premier advancement experience for credit union professionals.


Through partnership with the Center for Leadership Studies' (CLS) and top instructors in the industry, LDI features a custom curriculum to provide sustained development of influential and effective credit union leaders in the Carolinas.

This year-long program is divided into quarterly two-day workshops. Between each on-site workshop, assignments bridge to the next workshop.

To receive their certificates of completion, students must attend all classes and complete the assignments.

Facilitated by JD McPherson

Day 1 | Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders

The foundational program of CLS, Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders is the springboard for all other courses in the LDI curriculum. This workshop will equip leaders to influence the performance of others through the practical application of the Situational Leadership® Model.

Day 2 | Situational Coaching

This in-depth course introduces the fundamentals of coaching through the lens of Situational Leadership®. Students will be immersed in case studies in which coaching principles and skills are explored, learned, and applied in realistic, challenging situations.

Facilitated by JD McPherson (Day 1) & Dr. Dale Gauthreaux (Day 2)

Day 1 | Understanding Your Management Style & Putting It All Together

Understanding Your Management Style: Before beginning the LDI program, students will complete the Everything DiSC® Management assessment and review their results in preparation for this classroom event. This workshop focuses on a general overview of DiSC® and the integration of the DiSC® Behavioral Model with the Situational Leadership® approach.

Putting It All Together: This case study approach brings to bear all the principles and skills learned in Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders, Leading with DiSC®, and Coaching to Build Capacity. For more realistic application of new skills, participants will apply their learning to real situations they have chosen from the workplace.

Day 2Leading Change In Organizations

Through this session, participants will better understand change in organizations, the psychological effects of change, why people resist change, and how their credit union can develop a culture that promotes and embraces change. Participants will leave this session equipped with the tools to plan a change initiative at their credit unions.

Facilitated by JD McPherson (Day 1) & Bill Nagle (Day 2)

Day 1Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This workshop introduces Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). Students will explore the five realms and fifteen associated competencies of the EQ-i 2.0 Model to recognize how EI behaviors can impact their individual performance and leadership skills. By leveraging the knowledge of their personal EQ with the EQ-i 2.0 self-assessment, students will gain insight into their developmental and high-performing areas of EI, and will construct actionable strategies to enhance their EI levels and ultimately their effectiveness as coaches and leaders.

Day 2 Understanding Employee Engagement

During this session, Nagle will review what employee engagement really is, how to understand the factors that contribute to an ‘engaged employee’, and what tools to leverage in order to make an effective impact.

Facilitated by Lee Gardner (Day 1) & Jill Lackey (Day 2)

Day 1Strategic Leadership

This session introduces strategic theory, identifies the various approaches to strategic planning, and demonstrates use of the process discipline to lead strategic projects to a successful conclusion. By the end of the course, participants will be able to create a list of strategic actions and projects to achieve strategic intent.

Day 2 | Leader as Strategic Talent Manager

A great leader also wears the hat of strategic talent manager. Here, students will define strategic talent management, review the business case for talent management, learn how to staff strategically to develop and retain talented personnel, and map plans for succession.

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