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Looking Good! Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® starts strong in 2020

Wednesday, January 8, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Credit unions' awareness initiative--including the creative resources available to contributors--continues its growth and impact as year two has begun.

COLUMBIA and RALEIGH—The Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® awareness campaign has begun the New Year with a bang, adding five new states toward its 2020 goal of 35 engaged states while preparing upgraded creative resources contributors will have access to next week.

Carolinas participants got word in December of the enhancements to come and look forward to new opportunities to extend the branding. They also have welcomed new contributors Family Trust FCU (Rock Hill), Palmetto Health CU (Columbia), and Shuford CU (HIckory).  

CUNA also released scheduled social media for January 2020, encouraging all credit unions and individuals to connect with Your Money Further accounts on social media (see below) and engage with the initiative by liking and sharing campaign posts.

Illinois, Idaho, Mississippi, Oregon, and Washington launched on January 6, extending the campaign for consumer consideration to nineteen states. Five others joined in late-2019, with two more anticipated prior to the 2020 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference.

Since the Carolinas launched in mid-February, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® has presented its messages to target consumers nearly 163 million times across the two states—120 million times in North Carolina and 42.6 million in South Carolina. Even better is consumer response to the creative, which has drawn nearly 30 million completed video views in NC and just under 10 million fully-viewed videos in SC.

Simply put, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is drawing attention from consumers who likely believe credit unions are difficult to join or not convenient, then keeping their interest in addressing those misconceptions.

In a January 2 podcast, CUNA Chief Awareness Officer Chris Lorence discussed engaging ads such as the hamster-in-wheel "Break Free" and its headline "Bills got you stuck in a rut?" Eighty-percent of viewers watch the 10-second clip to completion, and more of them (0.21%) click-through to see more on

Enhanced creative resources look to increase local work by credit unions to connect themselves with Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® concepts. Several already have leveraged materials for complementary efforts, including Truliant's submission to Forsyth Family MagazinePalmetto First's school athletic program and digital outdoor board, Heritage Trust's ATM screen image, and LGFCU's lobby display.

“We have seen the positive results of this initiative continue to grow over the first nine-plus months," League VP of PR & Communications Brandon Pugh commented. “These new developments and the energy that each state and credit union can bring present an impressive year ahead for credit union awareness.”

For more on Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union®, visit, or contact League President/CEO Dan Schline or VP of PR & Communications Brandon Pugh.


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