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Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® sees big numbers in Carolinas, nationwide heading into 2020

Thursday, November 7, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brandon Pugh
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COLUMBIA and RALEIGH—The awareness campaign Carolinas credit unions launched in mid-February has significant momentum in consumer engagement following peak media activity, and the multi-year effort to change consumer consideration continues to grow. Now active in fourteen states with several soon to join, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® is on pace for continued success in 2020 and beyond.

After reaching 138.4 million total impressions as of June 30, Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® added five states and entered its heaviest media plan in Third Quarter 2019. That combination drove impressions up 134% to 325 million, and completed video views—a key measure of engagement—swelled 336% to 82 million.

Performance in the Carolinas alone further proved the seasonal strategy’s effectiveness. Over a nine-week period, total impressions grew to 103.8 million in NC (from 82.6M) and 38.3 million in SC (from 23.2M). Even better, the total numbers of fully-played videos more than doubled to 23.2 million in North Carolina (from 11.6M) and 8.7 million in South Carolina (from 3.0M).

The "Break Free/Bills Got You Stuck" video (view YouTube format) is tops in consumer attention for Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union and (Photo: CUNA)

Fully-played videos are meaningful because they represent consumers’ full exposure to Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® messages. Each video challenges consumer misconceptions, inviting them to discover that they, too, are eligible for membership and that credit unions offer convenient access to their money. The favorite—“Break Free/Bills Got You Stuck”—has been watched to completion 80% of the time, and viewers have clicked-through at nearly double the benchmark rate of .12%.

A week-long companion campaign in October by CU Solutions Group and Gas Station TV (GSTV) further boosted visibility by putting initiative videos in front of more than 4 million Carolinians, according CUSG National Business Consultant Shana Sistek. In measuring select cities for website lift at compared to the week prior, CUSG/GSTV saw a 60% lift in Raleigh and 266% in Charlotte.

Meanwhile, more credit unions have taken notice. Arizona, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Vermont joined in September, and California launched in LA/Orange County on International CU Day. That growth is helping CUNA’s awareness team negotiate even better digital media terms and bring greater ongoing efficiency for the initiative.

Future figures in the Carolinas can be even more impressive, especially with added credit union activity. Contributors will soon have enhanced, expanded options for customized material to connect with local targets. All credit unions including non-contributors are encouraged to connect to, interact with, and share Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® via social media (links below). And while annual funding is solid with 85% from multi-year agreements, the invitation stands for new Carolinas contributors to join at any time.

“Credit unions in the Carolinas went into the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union® initiative understanding that it is a long-term proposition,” League President/CEO Dan Schline notes. “We are confident we’ll have sustained support going into 2020 and beyond.”

For more on Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union®, visit, or contact League President/CEO Dan Schline or VP of PR & Communications Brandon Pugh.


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