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Mountain CU doubles CCC goal at midyear mark by showing up, staying involved

Wednesday, July 18, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Editor's note: In this monthly series, the Carolinas Credit Union League shines a light on credit unions that exceed expectations in their support of the Carolinas Capital Club.

Contributing almost $6,000 to the Carolinas Capital Club in 2017 and achieving more than 200% of their 2018 CCC goal halfway through the year, it is clear that Mountain Credit Union is a strong supporter of grassroots advocacy. Mountain CU is one of only five North Carolina member credit unions that have reached their 2018 CCC goals as of June 30, 2018.

League PAC/Grassroots Specialist Maggie Ambrose asked Mountain CU President and CEO Patty Idol how she drives her team to exceed expectations and surpass goals.

Maggie: Why has Mountain CU made advocacy involvement a priority? Why do you believe it is important to not only have a strong PAC but to also send Mountain CU representatives to Washington DC and Raleigh, when the opportunity arises?

Patty: Mountain CU feels that it is important to keep our legislators, on the federal level as well as the state level, abreast of matters that could potentially have an effect on how we serve our members. We also understand that the message is more effectively delivered by visiting them in person on occasion and shows that we are committed to being involved in the process.

Maggie: What message do you spread throughout Mountain CU regarding the importance of advocacy? With over 50 employees, how do you make everyone aware of the CCC?

Patty: We want our members and employees to understand the importance of grassroots advocacy so we call on them regularly when we feel that their voices should be heard. We encourage our staff to participate in any call to action that comes from CUNA or the Carolinas Credit Union League and then we share the outcome of those efforts so they can see the results and what their involvement can achieve. We also have representatives from the Carolinas Credit Union League visit with staff on occasion to give updates on where and how their contributions are used and specific ways that they have made a difference.

Maggie: Out of the various ways to contribute to the CCC, we know that payroll deduction has been very effective for credit unions of all sizes. How did you implement payroll deduction at Mountain CU? What are the benefits of it?

Patty: We include the PAC Payroll Deduction Form in our new hire packet. The program is explained in depth during their orientation and they are given the opportunity to begin their contributions right out of the gate. With payroll deduction, the employee doesn’t have to remember to contribute and it just makes it simple.

Maggie: What recommendations do you have for credit unions that are struggling to get employees involved in the CCC and understand the significance of advocacy? What piece of advice would you share to help them reach their yearly goals?

Patty: If you are struggling to get employees involved, have a representative from CCUL visit and share success stories that come from the efforts of other credit unions. Also, reach out to participating credit unions yourself and hear it directly from the source. Make it a point to send someone on at least one visit to Washington DC and/or Raleigh to see firsthand the warm reception that (most) legislators give their credit union constituents, the high regard that they hold our industry in, and the appreciation they show for what we do to help our members in their districts.

The Carolinas Capital Club supports credit unions' advocacy in North and South Carolina and in DC. To learn more about the Carolinas Capital Club, please contact a member of our advocacy team.

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