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Small but mighty Lion's Share exceeds CCC goal by 573%

Tuesday, November 14, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Editor's note: In this monthly series, the Carolinas Credit Union League shines a light on credit unions that exceed expectations in their support of the Carolinas Capital Club.

Small but mighty, Lion’s Share FCU has a reputation of consistently overmatching their Carolinas Capital Club goal. Lion’s Share FCU raised nearly 1,000% percent of its North Carolina CUPAC goal in 2016 and, as of October 31, is at 573% of their 2017 goal—the highest percentage of all League members in NC. 

League PAC/Grassroots Specialist Maggie Ambrose spoke with Lion's Share CEO Mark  Curran about their secret to success.

Maggie: With less than 20 employees, Lion's Share has raised $2,339 from January to the beginning of November. This is incredible! How do you incentivize employees to contribute to the Capital Club? How does your management team remind employees to contribute? 

Mark: The key to our successful fundraising for the Carolinas Capital Club is payroll deduction. A few years ago, we had a representative from the CCC come speak to our staff about the importance of supporting the PAC. I told the staff that I would personally match whatever payroll deduction they had as a group, which in hindsight didn’t work out very well for me! They understood the need for political involvement, which often means campaign contributions and other financial support of credit union friendly candidates. I am very proud of our staff for their continuing support of the Carolinas Capital Club.

Maggie: Having been so successful over the years, we can see that supporting the Carolinas Capital Club is built into the culture at Lion's Share. What was the process you took to incorporate the PAC into the culture and what challenges did you face while doing it? 

Mark: Frankly, our support comes from the top down. Having been involved with credit unions for so many years, both at the credit union level and at the former SC Credit Union League, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to remain connected to our local legislators in Washington, DC and the State House. Like it or not, money plays a big role in that connection. I don’t ask my staff to support any organization or cause that I’m not willing to support myself. I’ve been a Capital Club member from the very beginning, when it started as a PAC for South Carolina Credit Unions.  

Maggie: What recommendations do you have for smaller credit unions who are struggling to motivate their employees to donate to the PAC? What piece of advice would you share with them so that maybe next year they can achieve their CCC goal?

Mark: Utilize the resources of the League to help educate your staff on the process and the benefits of political involvement. Not everyone has an opportunity to travel to Washington, DC for the Governmental Affairs Conference or Hike the Hill, but everyone can do their part to support the team. Just as credit unions were created through legislation, they can be eliminated or greatly harmed by further legislation. We have to stay vigilant in our political involvement. Payroll deduction is a painless, recurring process that works well for our credit union and the Carolinas Capital Club.

The Carolinas Capital Club supports credit unions' advocacy in North and South Carolina and in D.C. To learn more about the Carolinas Capital Club, please contact a member of our advocacy team.

Billy Boylston
VP of Gov. Affairs, SC
    Evelyn Hawthorne
VP of Gov. Affairs, NC
    Maggie Ambrose
PAC/Grassroots Specialist

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