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CUNA/League system, CULAC help elect pro-credit union majority

Wednesday, November 9, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Washington – The credit union industry played an extensive role in this year’s congressional elections thanks to the multifaceted campaign orchestrated by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), state Leagues, and individual credit unions.

View the detailed map of the candidates CULAC supported this election cycle on CUNA’s elections website.

Together, the CUNA/League system and CULAC raised and contributed nearly $6 million to help elect 96% of the 364 candidates that credit unions supported for the House and Senate.

As a result of this coordinated work, the 115th Congress will, in fact, hold a pro-credit union majority.

“This multilayered and dynamic campaign to elect a pro-credit union congressional majority owes the entirety of its success to a strong CUNA/League system and our member credit unions,” said Jim Nussle, CUNA president/CEO. “With more than 34,000 individual donors—including credit union employees, volunteers and credit union members—CULAC’s incredible performance this year showed us, yet again, just what we can accomplish when CUNA, the Leagues and credit unions work together.”

Nearly three-dozen credit unions joined CUNA and six state Leagues in partisan communication campaigns, where more than 200,000 households with registered credit union member-voters received more than 1.1 million mailers touting the benefits of electing credit union-backed congressional candidates in their states or districts.

Through these partisan communications, the CUNA/League system helped six out of eight candidates win incredibly hard-fought battles, ensuring some of our greatest credit unions champions were elected into office.

CULAC this year became the fifth-largest trade association PAC in the United States and the ninth largest overall, an accomplishment only matched by the PAC’s commitment to bipartisanship, as CULAC contributed 51% of funds to Republican candidates and 49% to Democratic candidates.

CULAC funded nearly $3 million in paid voter communications, including television and radio ads, direct mail, campaign microsites, GOTV emails, and even digital ads on new media platforms like Pandora. 

“These strategic investments, particularly in tight races, demonstrate that credit unions can, and do, make a critical difference in the outcome of congressional races,” Nussle said. 

For a detailed map of the candidates CULAC supported this election cycle, please visit CUNA’s elections website.

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