Our Services

At TalentGuided, we focus on business coaching and executive coaching. These experiences, when done well, provide noticeable ROI and can significantly change you and your organization for the better. We offer six, eight and twelve session packages. Each session can be a maximum of 60 mins with your coach.

As a coachee, you're in the driver's seat. You choose your coach. You customize your experience. You set the benchmarks for program success.

To best prepare for this worthwhile experience, make sure you and your organization have:

  1. Identified key employees / executives to participate in the program;
  2. Make sure potential coachees have a sponsor to vouch for their participation; and
  3. Review our selection of coaches to identify at least three that may be the right fit for your needs.

See our FAQ page for more details.

business coaching concept

Understanding Business Coaching

Business coaching is individually tailored to your needs. The process of having your expert “guide on the side” will help you—at any stage in your career—set better goals, reach your goals, make better decisions, and improve your relationships.

Ideal candidates for business coaching: All-level employees identified by their organization to participate in this program, who seek to improve their performance and enhance skills. Candidates should be self-motivated, open to feedback, and exhibit potential for growth.

executive coaching concept

Understanding Executive Coaching

According to The Art of Executive Coaching by Dr. Nadine Greiner, Ph.D., executive coaching is an on-target, tailored, expedited, and effective way of boosting leaders. It is a formal engagement in which an executive coach works with a client in a series of confidential and dynamic meetings designed to establish and achieve clear goals.

Ideal candidates for executive coaching: Any professional that is a member of the C-suite (ex. chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, etc.) at your organization. Candidates should be self-motivated to grow and open to feedback for self-improvement as a leader.