About Us

Short History

TalentGuided is a coaching program established by the Carolinas Credit Union League in 2019. The League recognizes the tremendous benefits that internal and external coaching cultures can provide to credit unions, and it found through field research that such services are not readily available in the industry. The goal of TalentGuided is to fill this gap, connecting professionals seeking self-improvement with qualified coaches who will help them develop new competencies, qualities, and behaviors as leaders and team members.

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Our Approach

Consider us the conduit for connecting participants with some of the top coaching experts in business and executive coaching. Regardless of the service a coachee selects, they are in the driver’s seat—setting the benchmarks for success throughout this experience.

Our approach when taking in new participants for this program is that they have a sponsor (typically the organization they work for) to vouch for their participation. The sponsor will enter into the service agreement with the League/TalentGuided followed by the individual coachee entering into a direct agreement with their coach.

From there, each participant will work with their respective coach to set the agenda, session meetings, etc. However, we are always available throughout the process to answer any questions along the way.