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Application deadline for 2019 program: Friday, November 30, 2018

What is the protégé mentor program?

The CUaware Protégé Mentor program connects credit union professionals with a mentor for a period of one year. Through a process that is collaboratively designed by the mentor and protégé, a plan and goals are developed, and a strategy for maintaining regular contact is created.

This multi-purposed approach to employee development allows for a cross-cultural impact, encouraging the acceptance of new ideas, personal growth, and development opportunities. It provides participants an opportunity to align goals and aspirations between mentors and mentees of credit unions engaged in CUaware.


The impact

" I wanted to feel more confident in the workplace and more organized. My mentor provided coaching and resources that helped me reach that point. "

"It gives you a support contact to talk with and discuss ideas. You are able to focus on your professional development as the primary focus instead of the credit union's development."

"I was really stretched by the experience and learned a lot about myself and my expectations of people. This experience allowed me to increase my own skills and knowledge because I was constantly researching and studying to provide my mentee the best mentorship possible."

"I found a friend from an unexpected place. I would not consider my mentor one of my peers, so it was nice to break that barrier down and see that anyone in the CU industry is a peer at some level."


Who is eligible?

Credit union professionals in North Carolina and South Carolina who strive to excel and want to partner with a mentor will be considered.

Why a protégé mentoring program?

The responsibility to develop young professionals for a career in the credit union industry falls upon the shoulders of today’s experienced leaders.

Without giving potential young leaders depth of philosophy, exchange of knowledge, and passion for the culture, then current leaders will fail to actively participate in extending the credit union movement into the future.


How will it work?


1. Identify and match protégés and mentors.
2. Establish relationship at the CUaware Protégé Mentor Workshop, video conference, social media, email, or text.
3. Set contact schedule to develop relationship, identify and set goals.
4. Document progress.


1. Continue to touch base on a defined basis.
2. Set up mutual shadow days. This means the protégé and mentor visit each other’s workspace to observe, coach, and develop.
3. Create agenda for shadow days.
4. Provide separate wrap-up commentary (750 words) for protégé and mentor.



Questions? Contact any of the following CCUL and CUaware representatives:

Troy Hall, SC Federal CU
Chief Operations Officer
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Jeff Hardin, CCUL
Director of Cooperative Initiatives
Phone: 800-822-8859, ext 563

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