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The goal of the CUaware Council is to informally introduce all levels of credit union employees (and industry folks) to the CU Movement so we can all learn, share and grow. Here is where we will share personal insights on subjects related to the credit union movement, career development, industry expertise, CUaware events, and more. Subscribe today to be notified each time we post. Happy Reading!


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Amy Coggins named Columbia Chapter CUaware Protégé

Posted By CUaware, Thursday, October 25, 2018
Updated: Thursday, October 25, 2018

Amy Coggins, a senior loan adjuster with SC State Credit Union, was named the Columbia Chapter’s CUaware Protégé on Tuesday, October 23, 2018. Coggins will go on to the CUaware Protégé Competition finals at the LAUNCH Conference Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2019 in Charlotte, NC.

Coggins and fellow candidate San Booker-Holder (Palmetto Citizens FCU) represented their respective credit unions at the Columbia Chapter event at Seawell's in downtown Columbia. Each contestant made a five-minute presentation in front of the chapter board and credit union professionals in attendance. The contestants were also scored on a one-page essay that they submitted as part of the application process.

Coggins joined SC State CU in 2017 and seeks to learn as much as she can about the credit union movement to advance her career in the industry. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a bachelor or arts in history and minored in religious studies.

Coggins joins Upstate Chapter Protégé Meaghan King and Tarheel Chapter Protégé Barbara Mojica Arzate in the lineup of finalists moving forward in the competition, with others to be determined in the weeks ahead. Click here to see the upcoming events.

a collage of the columbia event on 102518
Coggins and Holder had a crowd of supporters cheering them on at the Columbia Chapter's CUaware Protégé Competition on Oct. 23. 

Tags:  career development  CUaware  Protégé  SC State Credit Union 

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International CU Day: Hall, Hendrix find lessons for home half a world away

Posted By Jeff Hardin, Thursday, October 18, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

(Editor's note: Thursday, October 18 is International Credit Union Day. To mark the occasion, CUaware Podcast host Phil Kadzielawski (Coastal CU) and Courtney Jackson (CCUL) interviewed Terri Hendrix (Carolina Foothills FCU) and Dr. Troy Hall (South Carolina Federal CU) about a trip Hall & Hendrix took to Asia recently. The trip was part of a cross-cultural program being piloted by Credit Union Development Educators across the world.)

International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) happens on the third Thursday of October each year. The purpose of ICU Day is to celebrate the spirit of the global credit union movement. The day is recognized to reflect upon the credit union movement's history, promote its achievements, recognize the hard work, and share member experiences.

This purpose is especially meaningful this year for Terri Hendrix (Carolina Foothills FCU VP of business development & community engagement) and Dr. Troy Hall (South Carolina Federal CU chief strategy officer). The pair traveled to Asia in September with Credit Union Development Educators (DEs) as part of a program that promotes cultural learning and international exchange. 

The two-week journey included stops in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as Cebu and Manila in the Philippines. Hall and Hendrix participated in activities that included meetings with fellow cooperators and credit union employees, and visits with people impacted by poverty in order to share food assistance.

World DE participants received a cross-cultural experience as they traveled from Thailand to the Philippines. Part of the program included visits to historical sites, local marketplaces, and group activities like elephant rides.

The group of a dozen or so DEs also took time out for fun activities aimed at team building and raising cultural awareness. These events were focused on the Bangkok leg of the journey. Hendrix and Hall participated in activities like riding an elephant, snorkeling with whale sharks and visiting a "floating market". 

The emphasis changed in Cebu and Manila, as the group met with credit union staff, and took rice buckets with food supplies to older citizens who live in extreme poverty. Hendrix noted that the slum the group visited was surrounded by a 10-foot cinder block wall topped by concertina wire.

Hendrix had a memorable interaction with one woman in particular, who is 106 years old. "She couldn't really walk," Hendrix recalled. "She did lean up off her pallet. She thanked us, she was grateful for it. We talked with her on a human level about (how) we do care for you, we're here and there are people in this world who care about your well-being."

During the visit to Cebu, Philippines, World DE participants fulfilled their "Rice Bucket Challenge," an act of charity that provided nutritional kits to those living in impoverished areas of the city.

Another highlight of visiting this part of Cebu was seeing "sari-sari" stores located at the very front of private homes. Common throughout the Philippines, sari-saris are very small stores offering convenience items and are owned by individuals and families. "It's micro-enterprise at its best," Hendrix shared.   

Hall notes that these types of exchanges help him to see common connecting points amid what on the surface may be profound differences in culture. "When we start to understand (what it's like) in someone else's shoes, to understand someone else's path, then we are in a much better place to have a likeness of mind and we might be able to move to a space of peace." 

The space of peace Hall referenced fuels his desire to continue these exchanges abroad, and it reminds him that by connecting "people, purpose and passion," he is also learning valuable lessons to bring back to South Carolina Federal.

Hendrix agreed and cites a key observation she made about a program run by a credit union in the Philippines that she plans to bring back to the Upstate. This credit union had a "saver of the year" program that had successfully engaged parents, children and teachers. Reflecting on this program, Hendrix saw a connection point to a Carolina Foothills in-school branch that has been trying to raise the engagement level of parents.

Hendrix notes in visiting the school and learning about the saver of the year program, she thought "that's something we can try at Cleveland Academy and see if we can't get these kids turned on to the cooperative model, to building their own personal wealth and to breaking the cycle of poverty." 

Hall has a long and successful track record in developing young people at South Carolina Federal and through the CUaware Protégé Mentor program. He notes that his big takeaway from the Philippines trip is further connecting DEs across the world in order to provide educational and human development opportunities. This mentoring project, called DE TEACH global, is underway through the partnership of a credit union employee in the Philippines and Dr. Troy in South Carolina. 

These experiences and opportunities for connection with the credit union movement also remind Hall and Hendrix of a very simple truth: credit union folks care. "If you don't have a passion for helping people, you don't belong in the credit union movement," shared Hall. Hendrix agreed, adding, "We have a deep passion for helping human kind." That reality, or "universal language" as Hendrix put it, connects everyone on International Credit Union Day!

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Barbara Mojica Arzate selected as Tarheel Chapter CUaware Protégé

Posted By CUaware, Monday, October 15, 2018
Updated: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Barbara M Arzate, Tarheel ProtegeBarbara Mojica Arzate, an account manager with Coastal Credit Union, was named the Tarheel Chapter’s CUaware Protégé on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. Mojica will go on to the CUaware Protégé Competition finals at the LAUNCH Conference Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2019 in Charlotte, NC.

Mojica and fellow candidate Gioia Hackett (Local Government FCU) represented their respective credit unions at the Tarheel Chapter event hosted by LGFCU. Each contestant made five-minute presentations in front of the chapter board and credit union professionals in attendance. The contestants were also scored on a one-page essay that they submitted as part of the application process.

Mojica joined Coastal in 2017 and seeks to continue her career development at the credit union. She has an associates in graphic design from Mount Olive College and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in business management with plans to master in business.

Mojica joins Upstate Chapter Protégé Meaghan King in the lineup of finalists moving forward in the competition, with others to be determined in the weeks ahead. Click here to see the upcoming events.

a collage of the tarheel event on 101018

Tags:  career development  Coastal Credit Union  CUaware  learn  Local Government FCU  networking  Protégé 

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Corey Pace shines in the Protégé and Beyond spotlight

Posted By CUaware, Thursday, October 11, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

In 2014, Corey Pace was taking a step back. The career development team lead in the learning center at South Carolina Federal CU had a young family and had gone to part time status in order to balance her home-work life.

Having heard about the CUaware Protégé Competition the past couple of years, she recalled thinking it would be fun but not a good fit given the stage of life she was in. That's when she got a helpful nudge from Nicole Miller, her supervisor. "I think you would be great at it," Pace remembers Miller telling her.

Armed with this encouragement and a willingness to accept a career opportunity despite limited time, Pace entered the competition and went on to win the Lowcountry Chapter Competition. She would go on to place second runner-up in the 2014 CUaware Protégé Finals Competition.

Pace shared her journey with CUaware Podcast hosts Phil Kadzielawski and Sara Portis in the latest installment of the Protégé and Beyond series. The series shares the experiences of past CUaware Protégé Competition finalists in order to encourage participation in the program and offer insights on how to successfully navigate the competition process.

Looking back on that decision to compete, Pace is glad she stretched herself. "If it scares you a little bit, it's probably worth doing," Pace offered. "It was tough with three little kids and everything to decide to take this on, but I am so that glad I did."

In exchange for the time and energy devoted to the chapter and finals events, Pace notes that the payoff came in the credit union world that opened up for her. She engaged with the CUaware Protégé Mentor program, first as a mentee and in 2018 as a mentor.

As the 2014 second runner-up, Pace had the opportunity to attend the Principles and Philosophy Conference on scholarship. She also got involved with the Lowcountry Chapter and would eventually be elected to its board.

Pace notes that the competition widened her perspective and appreciation for the credit union movement and helped her to grow personally and professionally. "It stretched me, it pushed me and it really opened up some doors that might not have been there if I had not taken the leap," Pace says.

While encouraging young professionals to make a similar leap by embracing the opportunities available to them, it's likewise important for leaders to take responsibility in the process. "As leaders in the movement, we have to start to open up a conversation," Pace shared. She believes that by offering a helpful mentoring role in the lives of young professionals, they can receive helpful feedback that will encourage their participation in growth and career development opportunities like the CUaware Protégé Competition.


Special Thanks to our Featured Protégé!

Corey Pace is the career development team lead for South Carolina Federal Credit Union. With over ten years of experience in talent acquisition and career development, Corey specializes in connecting employees to the resources they need to make their career aspirations a reality, and developing talent into dynamic leaders of the credit union industry.

Corey oversees employee career coaching and development, South Carolina Federal's High Potential Employee and Successor programs, and is certified in facilitation for the Integrity Coaching program. She believes happy, fulfilled, employees who are using their talents are better able to exceed their member's expectations.

Corey is a past participant of the CUaware Protégé competition, the CUaware Mentor program as both a protégé and a mentor, and is serving as vice president of the Lowcountry Chapter of Credit Unions.

Tags:  career development  CUaware  Mentorship  Podcast  Protégé  Protégé and Beyond  SC Federal CU 

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King named 2019 Upstate Chapter Protégé finalist

Posted By Courtney Jackson, Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Meaghan King, who works as the remote account specialist supervisor at Greenville Federal Credit Union, has been named the CUaware Protégé for the Upstate Chapter of Credit Unions. King will compete in the 2019 CUaware Protégé Competition Finals, coming in late January 2019.

“We received a fantastic turn out at the CUaware Protégé Competition this week, with the highest number of attendees we’ve have had in many years,” exclaimed Hoyt Bray, school relations manager for Upstate FCU and program coordinator for the Upstate Chapter. “I credit this to our local credit unions seeing the value in not only gathering together to network and learn, but also to the protégé program bringing out the best applicants we have seen in a while."

2018-19 Upstate Chapter Protégé Meaghan King
Meaghan King
Remote Account Specialist Supervisor
Greenville FCU

King and fellow candidates AJ Fakoornejad (Anderson FCU), Anna Funderburk (Upstate FCU), Brittany McFadden (Greenville Heritage FCU), Billy Reece, Jr. (SC Telco FCU), and Allie Teper (Carolina Foothills FCU) made five-minute presentations in front of a full house of credit union professionals in attendance. The contestants also submitted a one-page essay as part of the competition. A panel of judges scored the essays and the presentations and declared King its CUaware Protégé finalist.

“Everyone had great insight to share on their respective topics, and we're pleased to have Meaghan as our representative at the finals," Bray added. "Also, the record turnout for chapter attendees as well as protégé applicants has me very excited to see what 2019 has in store for the Upstate area.”

King joined Greenville FCU in 2014 and aspires to have a managerial role in the near future, with a long-term goal of helping the credit union further develop its Remote Account Services Department. She is a graduate of North Greenville University with a bachelor’s degree in English. In her free time, she enjoys exploring small towns and restaurants with her husband, and serving on the children’s ministry and co-leading Bible study at her church.

More CUaware Protégé Competitions are scheduled in the weeks ahead. Click here to see the complete list. The CUaware Protégé Competition Finals will be held during the LAUNCH Conference Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, 2019 in Charlotte, NC.

Six candidates competed in the 2018-19 Upstate Chapter Protégé Competition
A packed room of attendees at the Upstate Chapter's Protégé Competition
Upstate Chapter President Brian McKay congratulates Meaghan King
It was a packed house on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 as six candidates from individual credit unions competed for the title of Upstate Chapter Protégé. Results of the competition revealed Greenville FCU's Meaghan King as this year's winner.

Tags:  CUaware  Greenville FCU  Protégé  Upstate Chapter 

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